2019 Rock Program: 13 June 2019

2019 ROCK Program


The ROCK (Rockies Outdoor Climbing Knowledge) program is designed for people who know a little about climbing and would like to participate in RMS section climbing trips. ROCK is ideal for people who have done a lot of gym climbing and would like to expand their climbing to include out door trips. The program covers the skills that you need to be a proficient second on an ACC multi-pitch traditional climbing trip. Traditional (or “trad”) climbing means that the leader is placing protection, rather than relying on fixed protection such as pitons or bolts. We will include:

-          what to expect on an ACC climbing trip (including the ever present waiver!)

-          tying in correctly

-          rope management and knot tying

-          belaying

-          leader / climber signals

-          how to pack, what to bring, particularly food & water

-          proper rappelling and lowering technique

-          how to clean gear and take down an anchor


What we DON’T cover:

-          basic rock climbing skills i.e. where to put your hands & feet!

-          leading


The program consists of an evening orientation at the Canmore ACC club house, a second evening at the club house for knot practice, one day of sport climbing, a day of multi pitch sport climbing, a short trad day, and finally, the program is capped off by a classic long trad day in the Bow Valley. The entire focus of the program is on safety, safety and safety. Oh, ya, we focus on having fun too. But mostly safety.


The dates:


Thursday June 13th - orientation night – 7:00 p.m., Heritage room – Alpine Club of Canada national club house

Friday June 14th   – knot tying clinic - 7:00 p.m., Heritage Room, Alpine Club of Canada national club house – during this evening, we will simulate all of the knots and rope handling techniques you would perform on a multi pitch climb, but you’ll be walking on the ground instead of climbing

Saturday, June 16th – sport climbing at Cougar Creek or Grassi Lakes – we will simulate multi pitch climbs, but doing only one pitch at a time

Sunday, June 17th – multipitch sport climbing

EITHER Saturday, June 22nd  or Sunday, June 23rd (just one of these 2 days, depending on leader availability) - short multi pitch trad day

ONE OF: Saturday, June 29th or Sunday June 30th , or Saturday July 6th or Sunday July 7th  (just one of these 4 days, depending on leader availability) - classic multi pitch route in the Bow Valley (leader’s choice) – trips in the past have included the North East Ridge of Ha Ling, Escargot Corner, Gooseberry, and the Yamnuska classics Grillmaier Chimney, Unnamed, Easy Street and King’s Chimney


NOTE: options exist for attending the short and long trad days on weekdays as well


You must own your own harness, shoes, helmet, prussic (back up for rappelling – 1 m of 6mm cord or a Beal Hollow Blok), personal anchor (or a double length – 120cm - sling with an extra locking carabiner) and belay device to participate. A chalk bag is optional!


There is no cost for this program, but participants MUST be members of the Rocky Mountain Section of the Alpine Club of Canada, and MUST commit to attending all of the sessions. We have had long waiting lists for this program in the past, so if you sign up please arrange to attend all five sessions. Also, a minimum level of previous climbing experience is required. Ideally, to get the most out of this program you should have at least top roped a 5.7 or 5.8 route in a climbing gym. You request an application for this program by emailing Steve Fedyna at fedynas@shaw.ca.  


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Thursday, June 13, 2019


Multi Day

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