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Course schedule

Summer Courses

Skills courses offered to everyone (rebate for Trip Leaders)


Backpacking Essentials

Content: Do you want to have a fun and successful backpacking trip in the Canadian Rockies? Join Alison, ACMG Hiking Guide, for an evening session. She will go over packing tips and techniques, different safety gear available, where and how to get information for your trip, basics of route planning, and more. This course goes hand-in-hand with the May 25th "Backcountry Food Preparation" session.

June 1st 7-9:30pm

Instructor: Alison Cardinal

Unlimited number of participants

Contact Info – sign-up: Felix (

Free for all members

Intro to Trad (gear) Climbing at the crag

(Prerequisite: intermediate knowledge of climbing systems, currently a sport climber)

June 11

Instructor: Jeff Bullock

Open to 8 participants - Trip leaders are given priority

Contact Info – sign-up: Felix (

$60; $40 for trip leaders 

Trad (gear) Climbing - multi-pitch skills

(Prerequisite: Intro to Trad climbing on June 11th)

June 12

Instructor: Jeff Bullock

Open to 6 participants - Trip leaders are given priority

Contact Info – sign-up: Felix (

$70; $50 for trip leaders 

Mountain Weather

Learn how the weather works in the mountains!
This program will go over fronts, clouds, weather charts, satellite photos, information available on the Internet, same day in the field forecasting and getting a longer term outlook. This is an all day course.
  • Contact Rod Plasman at to register
  • $40 - Free for trip leaders
  • Alpine Club Of Canada Clubhouse
  • All day, October 30, 2016
  • 9:00 am - 4:30 pm
  • Instructor: Rod Plasman

Map Compass Course

Learn how to navigate in the mountains. Learn how to use a map and compass.
This full day course will be a mix of theory and practical outdoor sessions. You will develop route plans and white-out navigation plans.
  • Contact Rod Plasman at to register.
  • $40 - Free for trip leaders
  • ACC Clubhouse
  • Full day Sunday, November 6, 2016
  • 9:00 am - 4:30 pm

Bit Program

BIT Program 2017

Leaders: Rod Plasman, Valerie Sullivan, Alyssa Mossey, Angela Pierotti, Clifton Potter, Chris Nykoluk, Fiona Mulvenna, Steven Gasser, Gerald Heinrich, Graciela Pelayo, Mina Inamori, Jim Goldmann, Jean-Francois Lebrun, Jocelyn Gray, Kevin Sauer, Mark Innes, Mitch Roberts, Rebecca Dunfield, Keith Sanford, Steve Patten, Walker McBryde



  •  Introduce people to skiing in the back country
  •  Introduce people to the Alpine Club Of Canada, Rocky Mtn Section
  •  Provide a means for aspiring winter leaders to learn leadership skills
  •  Teach participants how to be good, responsible ski partners

The BIT Program is not a skiing instruction program. Participants need to have downhill skiing ability to at least an intermediate level.

Trip 1 (January 14)


·        Get familiar with gear
Get a feel for going up and down
Introductory look at avalanche terrain
Get a feel for participants abilities and fitness
Get to know the participants
Give the participants a chance to know the leaders

Destination: Rummel Lake

Evening Session (January 5)

  •  Introductions
  •  Discuss program objectives
  •  Discuss plans for trips
  •  Introduce the ACC
  •  Review gear requirements
  •  Discuss weekend plans

Trip 2 (January 21)

  •  Develop transceiver skills
  •  Develop rescue scenario skills
  •  Skiing is not a part of this trip’s objectives

Evening Session (January 19)

  •  ATES
  •  Avalanche Hazard Scale
  •  Avaluator
  •  Getting information prior to the trip
  •  Human Factor
  •  Gear
  • TRocky Mtn Sherpas Avalanche Training Video
  •  A lot of this is straight out of the AST 1 course.
Destination: Quarry in Vermilion Pass (or Canmore if there is enough snow)

Trip 3 (February 4)


·        Terrain

o  View avalanche paths: point out start zones, tracks and runouts; look for damaged trees

o  Look for signs of avalanching

o  Look for examples of terrain that fits the 3 ATES ratings

o  Point out convexities and concavities

o  Look for pillows

o  Identify terrain traps

o  Look for cross loading

·        Slope assessment using the obvious clues method

·        Route finding

·        Travel in avalanche terrain

Evening Session (February 2)

  •  A Dozen More Turns Video
  • Review trip schedule
  •  Introduce section camps


·                     Chickadee Valley

·                     Murray Basin

·                     Black Prince

·                     Burstall Pass

·                     Pig’s Back



Trip 4 (February 24 – February 26)


  •  Introduce back country lodging
  •  Get some good skiing in
  •  Program ending party

Destinations: Castle Mountain Hostel; day trips to: Chickadee Valley, Stanley Glacier, Purple Bowl and others

Evening Session (February 16)

  •  Human Factors Continued
  •  Review on avalanches
  •  Gear maintenance
  •  Group Travel
  •  Tips for whiteout skiing
  •  Measuring slope angle
  •  Final plans for the weekend
  •  Upcoming camps
  •  Review volunteer opportunities

Alpine Club of Canada - Rocky Mountain Section

Alpine Club of Canada - Rocky Mountain Section

Alpine Club of Canada - Rocky Mountain Section

Alpine Club of Canada - Rocky Mountain Section