Annual Contest

2017 Photo Submission

Each year the Rocky Mountain Section hosts a photo contest for our members.

All entries to be submitted by NOVEMBER 30th, 2017.

Results will be announced at our December Social with a photo slideshow in mid December, 2017.

To submit your photo online, click below, choose 2017 Contest from the dropdown menu, then choose the category you are submitting to.  The status should show as "Entered".  If you are submitting to the Section Trips category, please include in the description of the RMS trip you attended and the date.  Then scroll down to click "Save" and you're done!  

Submit your photos online by clicking here:  Submit Photo


Contest Rules & Guidelines

If you want to submit your photographs for the annual Rocky Mountain Section amateur photography contest, please read the following first :

Contest is open to all section members who are in good standing.

Professional photographers are NOT eligible to enter the contest if ALL of the following conditions apply:

sold a photo for more than $100.00

sold more than 3 photos

sold a photo within the last 5 years

All entries must have been taken in an alpine environment during hiking, climbing, skiing, scrambling or backpacking trips.

All entries must be digital photographs (including digitally scanned prints and negatives).

No paper or cardboard slide allowed this year.

A maximum of 10 entries total per photographer.

All entries must have a minimum digital resolution of 1024x768 pixels.

Minor post-processing is allowed, including sharpening, removing dusts spots, cropping and minor adjustments to exposure, saturation, white balance and contrast. Significant processing (including cloning and compositing) is not allowed.

All entries must have been taken by the entrant, who is responsible for model releases.

An interesting, clever or original name sometimes adds to the value of the photo

Each entry must compete in one specific category. Categories are :

Climbing – eg. alpine, ice and rock

Culture and Humour

Flora, fauna and environs – eg. flowers, plants, trees, wildlife and rocks

Hiking and scrambling – non technical that is free of gear

Scenery – eg landscapes at the magic hour

Skiing – skiing away from the lifts

Section trips – photos that show the friendliness of a RMS trip or camp with at least 1 club member in the photo

All category winners will receive a prize.

The grand prize will be chosen from the category winners.

Any questions?

Ask Amy, our 2017 Photo Contest Coordinator by clicking here:  Email Amy