Calgary Section Summer Camp Now Open to All Sections

The Calgary section has opened up their summer camp to all sections. The event will be held in the Adamants, with the camp located approximately 1 km south of the Fairy Meadows hut. Week 2 runs from July 23-30 and will be an instructional week. Estimated maximum cost for this week is $1070, although the final cost should come in around $900 to $950.  Week 3 is a self catered self guided week. Estimated maximum cost for this week is $460, but the final cost is expected to be around $350. 

"solid rock with exceptional opportunities for climbing". The Adamant Group of the Selkirk Mountains provides climbers with a wealth of fantastic opportunities. The peaks here are mainly granitic and there are several classic routes of various lengths and difficulty to challenge all types of climbers. It’s awesome! 


Contact Clare Oremerod ( for an application. She’ll review it and send it to the relevant Camp Manager/s. Also feel free to email with any questions you may have.