Mountaineering camp in El Chaltén, Patagonia

    This camp is for six RMS climbers to tackle the rock and alpine climbs of the Chaltén Massif in Patagonia, during the Southern hemisphere Summer.

 The weather in Patagonia is notoriously bad. For this reason, the camp will last four weeks.  Participants will have the option to spend the entire month in El Chaltén, or two weeks at the beginning, or two weeks at the end. There are granite crags close to El Chaltén and easier peaks that can be climbed during poor weather, as well as lots of hiking and backpacking. 

    The camp will be based in a rented house in El Chaltén.

    The price is for accommodation only. Four weeks will be $1,500 and two weeks $800.

Participants will have to get themselves to El Chaltén and the camp manger will provide information on the various travel options available.

The proposed dates (arriving and departing in El Chaltén) are December 29th, 2018 to January 26th, 2019. The split dates would be December 29th, 2018 to January 12th, 2019. Or January 12th, 2019 to January 26th, 2019. For more information or for an application form, please contact Richard Berry at 


First Ever YEG ACC Ice Climbing Camp! December 30th-January 7th

This camp is a collaboration with the Rocky Mountain Section! One of our Ice Leaders is from the RMS, and we are looking forward to having participants from the Rocky Section as well!


Join us for the first annual YEG ACC Ice Camp! No more envy for all the ski camps – finally one for Ice Climbers!

This camp will be low key, with participants responsible for their own food / transportation. Accommodations are included (see below for details).

We have “Ice Leaders” for this camp, these are ACC members who are skilled, safe and confident with leading ice, they are graciously volunteering their time to make this camp a reality!

Jackie (camp organizer) will be hosting a fun (but not so much fun that we can’t climb the next day) New Year’s Eve Party (includes dinner).

Participants are required to have all their own gear (club ropes will be provided).


Some prior ice climbing is required, Ice Leaders are here primarily to take participants out climbing, not to teach them the basics of ice climbing.

Ice Leaders

Rory Skyes – December 30th – January 7th

Sean Willis – December 30th – January 1st

Ross McEwen – January 2nd – January 7th

All Ice Leaders have come highly recommended and approved by the YEG Safety Committee.


ACC Canmore Clubhouse