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Summer 2019 camp to K2 base camp will be posted in October 2018.

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Rocky Mountain Section 2019 Ski Camps

NOTE: all 2019 ski camps are now full, but contact the trip leader if you wish to be put on a waiting list.

Back country ski lodges keep getting harder to book – with the low Canadian dollar and the huge increase in interest in skiing in the back country, most lodges are fully booked 2-3 years in advance.

The Rocky Mountain Section has always taken a proactive approach to booking our ski weeks. In fact, we have already booked several lodges for the 2020 and 2021 ski seasons. We are fortunate the have the economic resources to put down deposits years in advance so that our members can enjoy fun, safe ski weeks.

On the subject of safety, please note that all of our weeks are self guided and self catered. Self guided does NOT mean unguided – all participants are expected to be able to be able to perform stability analyses, dig test pits and participate in morning risk assessment meetings. This year, all participants are expected to have taken an AST2 course or have equivalent experience. Starting in 2020, an actual AST2 will be the minimum. AST2 is a great course that keeps getting better, so if you haven’t taken it in the past few years, it would benefit you greatly to sharpen your skills and take advantage of the recent developments in snow science and behavioural analysis. The section will be offering an AST2 course and an AST2+ next winter season.

In 2019, we are very fortunate to have three fantastic ski weeks booked.

Week 1 – Valhalla Mountain Lodge – January 12-19. 10 participants. Camp Manager Steve Fedyna ( $1250.

Valhalla Mountain Lodge has some spectacular terrain – trees, open bowls, great glades, excellent alpine. The lodge is quaint but comfortable and sits at 6,900’ for easy access to all aspects. The tenure is located adjacent to Valhalla provincial park. The Saturday fly in is from Burton, B.C.


Week 2 – Golden Alpine Holidays Vista Lodge – February 23 - March 2. 12 participants. Camp Manager Christina Brodribb ( $1100

Vista Lodge is located at 7050’ in the Esplanade Range, east of Roger’s Pass an north of Golden. This lodge is basic but adequate, and you can ski all aspects in 5 different drainages. The Saturday fly in is from a helipad located just off of the TransCanada Highway, half an hour from Golden, B.C.


Week 3 – Valykyr Hilda Lodge – March 17-24. 12 participants. Camp Manager Diana MacGibbon ( $1600

We like the Hilda Lodge so much that this is the 4th time the RMS is returning! Peaks, glades and open alpine terrain await.  This is pretty deluxe lodge in the middle of some spectacular but demanding terrain. The Sunday fly in is from Burton, B.C.


To apply for a spot on any of these trips, please download a copy of the 2019 trip application form (at the top of this page) and e-mail it to the appropriate camp manager. We will be collecting applications until mid May; applicants will be informed at the end of May if they are on the trip and then will have to provide a deposit ($610 for Valhalla, $620 for Vista and $630 for Hilda) to the Rocky Mountain Section Treasurer within 2 weeks. Final payments will be due in the autumn.  For more information, please contact the Camp Manager for the week that you are interested in.


*** 3-antenna digital transceivers are required for all RMS-ACC ski trips and camps