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2020 Rocky Mountain Ski Camps


Every year, bookings are getting harder to get, so we feel very fortunate to have 2 ski camps booked for next year! Contact the individual camp managers below to get your application form.

NOTE: THREE ANTENNA TRANSCEIVERS and a minimum of AST2 are MANDATORY on all Rocky Mountain Section self guided, self catered ski weeks.

 Week 1 - Snowfall Lodge January 25 to February 1 2020

Larry Dolecki’s Snowfall Lodge is a new hut built in the fall of 2015. It is located in a new ski touring tenure in the Selkirk Mountains south of Rogers Pass. The helicopter staging area is in Beaton, south of Revelstoke. It has readily accessible big glacier runs, widely spaced tree skiing, ski mountaineering peaks and long runs.  Think Roger’s Pass terrain with a comfy lodge at the end of the day! The lodge can accommodate 17 guests in double rooms. Electricity is limited – enough to be able to recharge our radios - but it does have a sauna. The folks who have had the pleasure of skiing this lodge have raved about the skiing! Cost is $1,540 for this Saturday to Saturday self catered, self guided adventure. NOTE that self guided does NOT mean UNGUIDED. All attendees are expected to actively participate in morning risk assessment meetings, dig snow pits and make avalanche and terrain assessments. Contact camp manager Steve Fedyna at to apply for this trip.


Week 2 - Golden Alpine Holidays Meadow Lodge February 8-15 2020

After very successful ski weeks in the Esplanade range the past two years, the Rocky Mountain Section has booked another Golden Alpine Holidays lodge for the week of February 8 to 15 2020.  Meadow Lodge is one of the highest alpine lodges in Canada at 2208m located on the northern flanks of Cupola Peak, the highest peak in the Esplanades.  The lodge provides access to big alpine terrain (much of it north-facing) right out the back door (views of Sir Sandford a few kilometers away) as well as great tree skiing below the lodge from ridges on both sides of the Carrol creek drainage.   The lodge comfortably accommodates 14 guests, and we will go with 12 skiers, plus our custodian.  The GAH lodges have easy access with staging along Hwy 1 about 40 minutes west of Golden BC.  This is a self-guided, self-catered week with a cost per person in the range of $1100.  Contact Clifton Potter at to apply for your week of enjoyment.  More info may be found at


   Meadow Lodge                                                                                     Waterfall Run - down to Carrol Lake