Introduction to Ice Climbing: 1 December 2019

Johnston Canyon

The Canadian Rockies offer some of the best, most abundant, easily accessible ice climbing in the world.  In our Introduction to Ice Climbing, we'll get you off swinging and introduce you to the specific movement skills needed to travel safely up the ice.  Topics will include:

  • Site safety and awareness
  • Walking with crampons
  • Belaying considerations
  • Swinging the tools and movement skills

Possible venues for the day may include Kings Creek (Kananaskis), The Junkyards (Canmore), Bear Spirit (Banff NP), Johnston Canyon (Banff NP), Haffner Ceek (Kooteney NP).

Rental gear for the day is available from our instructor, for a nominal fee.

Instructor: Jeff Bullock, ACMG Mountain Guide

Open to 6 people

Contact Info: RMS Training & Leadership Committee (

$80 for ACC members; $55 for RMS trip leaders


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Sunday, December 1, 2019


1 full day



Members only