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Membership information

A membership in the Alpine Club of Canada consists of a basic membership with regional section affiliation and additional membership options.

To take advantage of all that the Rocky Mountain Section has to offer, you need to purchase (a) the national membership and (b) the Rocky Mountain Section affiliation.  By having the Rocky Mountain Section affiliation, you will have access to all of our trips, courses and camps throughout the year.

The combined rates for basic membership (national) and the Rocky Mountain Section affiliation (regional) are:

$46 for singles ($38 for national plus $8 for our section - 18 and over)

$69 for families ($58 for national plus $11 for our section - 1 or 2 adults plus junior children)

$31 for juniors ($26 for national plus $5 for our section - 17 and under)


Membership options available at additional costs:

  • Canadian Alpine Journal

How to join?

To join the Alpine Club of Canada and the Rocky Mountain Section, to renew your membership, or just to learn more about membership: