BIT Program 2021: 9 January 2021

BIT Program 2021

Leaders: Rod Plasman, Adrian Gynra, Beate Wichmann, Brandy Dahrouge, Clifton Potter, Constance Lebrun, David Miller, Dee Stokoe, Doug Sather, Doug Sather, Fiona Mulvenna, Jason Billings, Jeff Stokoe, Jim McIvor, John Meyer, Jon Taylor, Kate Snedeker, Kathryn Kully, Kevin Sauer, Mark Johns, Marg Rees, Myndi Quirion, Sarah Duguay, Stephen Hanus, Steven Gasser and Tom Gynra, Mike Persson, Heather Chamberlain

Overall Objectives:

• Introduce people to skiing in the back country

• Teach participants how to be good, responsible ski partners

• Introduce people to the Alpine Club Of Canada, Rocky Mtn Section

• Provide a means for aspiring winter leaders to learn leadership skills

The BIT Program is not a skiing instruction program. Participants need to have downhill skiing ability to at least an intermediate level. The program is intended to be a learning series, as such, it is expected that participants come to all of the days. The 2nd trip on February 6 is mandatory as it is all about safety and rescue.

Lecture January 9, 9:00 AM – 4:30 ish

• Introductions

• Discuss program objectives

• Discuss plans for trips

• Introduce the ACC

• Review gear requirements

• Discuss weekend plans


• Avalanche Hazard Scale

• Avaluator


• Getting information prior to the trip

• Human Factor

• Gear

• Think like an avalanche video

• A lot of this is straight out of the AST 1 course.


• A Dozen More Turns Video

• Review trip schedule

• Introduce section camps

• Human Factors Continued

• Review on avalanches

• Gear maintenance

• Group Travel

• Tips for whiteout skiing

• Measuring slope angle

• Final plans for the weekend

• Upcoming camps

• Review volunteer opportunities

This lecture is likely going to be done via Zoom due to the ongoing pandemic.

Trip 1 (January 23)


• Get familiar with gear

• Get a feel for going up and down

• Introductory look at avalanche terrain

• Get a feel for participants abilities and fitness

• Get to know the participants

• Give the participants a chance to know the leaders


• Chester Lake

Trip 2 (February 6) Objectives

• Develop transceiver skills

• Develop rescue scenario skills

• Skiing is not a part of this trip’s objectives


• Goat Creek parking lot, Quarry in Vermilion Pass (or Canmore if there is enough snow)

Trip 3 (February 20)


• Terrain

o View avalanche paths: point out start zones, tracks and runouts; look for damaged trees

o Look for signs of avalanching

o Look for examples of terrain that fits the 3 ATES ratings

o Point out convexities and concavities

o Look for pillows

o Identify terrain traps

o Look for cross loading

• Slope assessment using the obvious clues method

• Route finding

• Travel in avalanche terrain

• Review


• Sunshine Meadows (likely a deal for the Gondola will be arranged)

• Chickadee Valley

• Black Prince

• Pig’s Back

Trip 4 (March 6)


• Get some good skiing in


• Crowfoot Pass

• Stanley Glacier

• Purple Bowl

• Chickadee Valley


Participants who attend all four programs and evening sessions will have covered all of the material that is taught in the CAA AST 1 course. As most of the volunteer leaders are not CAA Level 1 certified, we cannot give out a certificate. Also making this an AST 1 course would severely limit our terrain options for the trips.


(info for members only)


Saturday, January 9, 2021 to Wednesday, March 31, 2021


Day Trips


Easy / Moderate


  • 2 - Challenging

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