How to Log In and Set / Reset Password

(1)  Note your user name is your first and last name in the following format: firstname.lastname

(2)  Click "Member Log In" at the top right of the home page.

(3)  Click the "Request New Password" tab and follow the prompts (Your email address should be the same as the one that you provided at the ACC National site when you joined).

(4)  You will be sent an email with a one time use link to be able to set (or reset) your password.  Please note that the link is time sensitive and will expire in 24 hours if not used.

(5) The next time you log in, click the "Subscriptions" tab, which will allow you to set up to be notified via email when trips / events that interest you are posted.

*Please note that the RMS database is separate from the national database, and it may take some time before your membership is uploaded.  While we do our best to upload new memberships every 7-10 days, if there is a trip or event that you are interested in, and you are unable to log in, please click here and we will do our best to repond in a timely manner.*

**If, after attempting the process outlined above, and you are still unable to log in, please contact our website admin to let us know!**